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Hyderabad – India’s Happiest Metro

Happiness is a state of the peaceful mind and peace of mind is a home at Ihita.

Brought to you by Radhika Projects, a company with an impeccable record of providing its customers with ‘homely’ homes and happiness forever, Ihita is all set to deliver the same promise yet again. Measure it by any yardstick you may choose and the result is ‘undisputable value for money’. Located just 13kms from the heart of Secunderabad, connected by the fabulous NH-7, designed by award winning architects with total compliance to the principles of vaastu shastra, the project managed by PMC professionals of international repute, incorporating the choicest of amenities and thoughtful features, every single home in Ihita would be a dream-come-true that has been fulfilled on time.

Put in a nutshell, Ihita is a unique offering which has no match yet. Welcome to Ihita, the home of a privileged few.

Govindraj’s IHITA — The Project

When you say that, you can’t be staying at just any house, you surely are listening to your heart’s desire for a home. A house is made of walls and beams but a home is built with love and dreams.

Remember that the happiest people are those who find peace at their homes. They find magic in that little word -“home”. It is a mystical place that ensconces comforts and virtues unknown beyond its hallowed walls. Most of us acquire a home once in a lifetime. Surely then, it must reflect the values and aspirations that we have constantly strived for. If this dream has to be realized, it has got to be built by one who understands these treasured sentiments and ideals.

Introducing, Radhika Projects, a company that has belived in the adage – “The home is the most enduring of all earthly creations”. Little wonder that they have invariably created such wonderful embodiments of their customers dreams, with an unconditional promise to deliver a lifetime of peace and happiness.

Feeling ‘at home’

Hyderabad, India’s fifth largest metro, is steeped in history and heritage. From the story of Bhagmati to the imposing Golkonda Fort and the one and only Charminar, Hyderabad has a uniquely romantic story to tell.

Its wide roads, parks, lakes, the garrison town of Secunderabad, the leisurely pace of its people and their courtesy, the ubiquitous flavourful biryani and a host of other pleasant characteristics, both ancient and modern, make it one of the most desirable metros to live in.

In the recent years the twin cities of Hyderabad and Secunderabad have developed into major information technology hub, giving itself a comfortable mix of tradition and modernity and the scope to grow into a megapolis of choice and a HAPPY abode for one’s HOME.

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